Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the western world accounting for nearly 24% of total deaths. Modern science has put the man on the moon in the year 1969. Even after 31 years, we must accept , it is more difficult to find a care for the cancer than to put a man on the moon. It is estimated that more than one third of cancer related deaths are preventable by following a regimen of healthy diet.

Diet as drug for the Cancer patient:

1. Indian gooseberry fruit(Amla)
2. Garlic
3. Wheat-germ, 6 inch sized fresh green leaves of wheat(Javara)
4. Wheat bran
5. Brown rice
6. Citrus fruits
7. Soyabean
8. Carrot
9. Cabbage
10. Broccoli
11. Sprouts, Sprouted moong(Green gram)
12. Curd
13. Green leafy vegetables
14. Fresh black grapes
15. Turmeric
16. Fenugreek

Anticancer plants:

Several malignant cases of advanced stages of cancer management have been dealt with various medicinal plants. Some herbs have proved to have both cytotoxic and immunomodulatory activities. Multiple herbal therapy is a new approach into cancer treatment. During the next few years, many anti-cancer drugs will be avilable with new mechanism of actions. Certain plant flavonoids posess potent inhibitory activity against a wide array of enzymes. Oral administration of some rejuvenile drugs made from medicinal plants like Phyllanthus emblica, Tinospora cordifolia and Withania somnifera significantly increase total WBC counts, bone marrow cellularity, natural killer cell and antibody dependent cellular cytotoxicity. These drugs reduce radiation indused lipid peroxidation in liver. It is speculated that the anti-cancer and anti-tumor effects of phytochemicals might be due to free radical generation and inhibition of endothelial cell growth.

Tinospora cordifolia is reported to have immunostimulatory properties. It is considerd as general tonic in Ayurveda. The positive effect of Tinospora cordifolia on leucocytes suggests its use as an adjuvant in cancer therapy. Activation of macrophage by Tinospora cordifolia leads to increase in colony forming units, which leads to leucocytosis and improvement in neutrophil function.

It is found that herbal mixture to be an effective treatment in advanced malignancies though not a total cure.

1. Tinospora cordifolia
2. Emblica officinalis
3. Alliuma satiuum
4. Basella rubra
5. Aloe vera
6. Viscum album
7. Panax ginseng
8. Lantana camara
9. Nigella sativa
10. Semecarpus anacardium
11. Tylophora indica
12. Glycyrrhiza glabra
13. Hemidesmus indicus
14. Curcuma longa
15. Camellia sinensis
16. Sericostoma pauciflorum
17. Withania somnifera
18. Vinca rosea
19. Crataeva religiosa
20. Tepurosia purpurea
21. Tecoma undulata
22. Mappia foetida
23. Taxus wallichiana
24. Podophyllum emodi
25. Mesua ferrea
26. Asparagus racemosus
27. Adhatoda vasica
28. Smilar glabra
29. Piper cubeba
30. Piper longum
31. Tribulus terrestris
32. Terminalia belerica
33. Ocimum sanctum
34. Ficus glomerata
35. Balsamodendron mukul

Further research on these plants will be a step forward towards a healthy cancer free world.