About the Author :

Name :Umesh Thanki
Date of Birth : 15.08.1960 
Educational Qualification : M. Sc. (Agriculture )
Special subject : Plant Breeding and Genetics
Major Guide : Professor. V. J. Patel.

         A thesis entitled- "Line x Tester Analysis of Combining Ability and Heterosis studies in Sesamum indicum L." was submitted to Gujarat Agricultural University, Sardar Krishinagar, Gujarat in partial fulfillment of requirements for the award of the degree M.Sc. (Agri.) in Plant Breeding and Genetics during August,1984. An international Conference on Medicinal Plants held at Bangalore (India), during 16-19th February,1998 was attended by him where more than 400 Scientists, Ethnobotanists and Conservationists remained present and discussed the medicinal plants policies and programmes globally during the next decade. He is active member of District Environmental Committee and District Hazardous Waste Management Committee headed by the District Collector, Jamnagar Other fields of his interests are social activities like blood donation, tree plantation, nature photography and tracking. He is associated with Prabhaben Arogya Kendra, Jamngar as a researcher of medicinal plants.