Botanical Name: Centella asiatica. Linn
Sanskrit Name: Madukaparni
English Name: Indian periwart
Family: Almbellifereae
Occurrence: Moist places
Habit: Herbs
Parts used:


Medicinal uses:

Leaves are valued as a tonic and are used for improving memory. Plant is also reported to be usweful in the diseases of skin, leprosy, nerves and blood

Chemical constituents :


Fresh leaves contain 0.07 to 0.12% .Asisticoside - a glucoside, essential oil, fatty oil, situsterol, tannin and reswinouuus substance . Dried plant yield 0.0016% alkaloid Hydrocotylin. Plant also contain Ascorbic acid. Asiticoside is found to be active in treatment of leoprsy. Abitter principle, vellatine and peptic acid are found in leaves and roots.