Botanical Name: Adhatoda vasica Nees
Sanskrit Name: Vasaka
English Name: Malabar Nut
Family: Acanthaceae
Occurrence: Found in wastelands
Habit: Shrub
Parts used:

Leaves, roots.

Medicinal uses:

Bronchial troubles, asthma, cough, consumption dysentery, diarrhoea, abortifacient, hemorrhage.

Chemical constituents :




Leaves contain Alcaloid vasicine, therapeutic properties attributed to vasicine and essential oil. 1- Vasicine same as synthetic 1-Peganine. Leaves and roots antispasmodic efficacious in coughs. Drug useful as expedctorant and mild bronchial antispasmodic. Crystalline substance oroxylin in the bark of root. Adhatodic acid, bitter substance pectin.