Botanical Name: Butea monosperma(Lam.) Kuntze. Butea frondosa Koen. ex Roxb.
Sanskrit Name: Palas
English Name:  
Family: Papilionaceae
Occurrence: Forest, roadside tree
Habit: Tree
Parts used:

Root, leaves, flower, seeds, oil and gum

Medicinal uses:

Flowers are astringent, diuretic, depurative and aphordic. Leaves are astringent and tonic. Seeds are used as anthelmintic. Gum is astringent and used in diarrhoea and dysentery. Bark and seeds ae reported to be used in snack bites. Flowers are used as natural dye.(Safron color) and as liquid color in holi festival by rural people. Wood is concidered a holy substance which is used in "yagna". Starch is a good remedy of piles. Flowers are used to cure diabetes.

Chemical constituents :



Seeds contain 18% of a yellow tasteless oil. Fresh seeds contain Proteolytic and Lipolytic enzymes. Flowers contain 1.5% glucosides Butrin, 0.3% Butein, 0.04%, Butin, 0.02% unidentified glucoside and a heteroside.