Botanical Name: Pongamia pinnata(Linn.) Merr. Pongamia glabra Vent.
Sanskrit Name: Karanjo
English Name:  
Family: Leguminosae
Occurrence: Forest, roadside, garden
Habit: Tree
Parts used:

seeds, leaves, bark, oil

Medicinal uses:
Seeds re used as external application in skin diseases. Oil from the seeds is useful in cutaneous affections, herpes, scabies and reumatism. It is reported to be the alternative of the fuel Diesel. Fresh bark is used internally in bleeding piles. In the form of poultice, leaves are applied to ulcers infested with worms. Juice of roots is used for closing fistulous sores and for leaning foul ulcers and given internally with equal quantities of coconut milk and lime water for gonorrhoea.

Chemical constituents :



Seeds yield 27 to 36% fixed oil which contains three crystalline substances. Karanjin, Pongamol and Glabrin. Karanjin is the principle responsible for the curative properties of the oil.