Botanical Name: Hibiscus rosasinensis L.
Sanskrit Name: Japa
English Name: Shoe flower
Family: Malvaceae
Occurrence: Ornamental
Habit: Shrub
Parts used:

Flowers, leaves, roots.

Medicinal uses:

Flowers are considered to be emollient. Infusion of petals is given as a demulcent and refrigerant drink in fevers. Roots are also reported to be useful in cough and as a substitute for Althea. Leaves are also used as emollient and aperient.

Chemical constituents :



Petals contain flavonol glucoside Habiscitrin. 100 grams of flowers contain 4.04 mg. Calcium, and 1.69 mg. Iron. It is also good source of Theymin, Riboflavin and Ascorbic acid (Vit. C)