Botanical Name: Acacia arabica willd.
Sanskrit Name: Babbula
English Name:  
Family: Mimoseae
Occurrence: Reserved forest, Wasteland.
Habit: Small tree
Parts used:

Gum, bark, pod, flowers.

Medicinal uses:

Gum is used in diarrhoea, dysentery and diabetes mellitus and as tonic. Bark is used as astringent and demulcent. Ash of seeds and bark is used in toothache and as tooth powder. Dried pods and leaves are used as tanning agent in the industry.Powder made from the pods is mixed with honey and taken to cure broken bones. Flowers and leaves are considered good remedy for ulcers in the mouth.

Chemical constituents :



Leaves and fruits contain 32% tannin. Fruit contains 42% tannin.