Botanical Name: Santalum album Linn.
Sanskrit Name: Chandana
English Name: Sandalwood
Family: Santalaceae
Occurrence: Lower hills in south India
Habit: Small tree
Parts used:

Heart wood

Medicinal uses:

Wood is used as an external application on boils, inflammations, skin diseases and headache. A decoction of the fruit is an astringent, tonic for chronic dysentery. The colouring matter of the wood is used as dye. Wood is guound up with water into a paste and applied to the temples in headache, fevers and local inflammations. Oil from the heart wood is used in the symptomatic treatment of dysuria, in gonorrheal, urethritis and cystitis

Chemical constituents :



Heart wood yields 1.5% to 6% essential oil. Which contains appx. 90% Santalol.