Botanical Name: Lawsonia alba Lam.
Sanskrit Name: Madyantica
English Name: Henna
Family: Lythraceae
Occurrence: Common hedge
Habit: Shrubs
Parts used:


Medicinal uses:
Leaves are used as external application in headache and rubbed over the soles of the feet in the burning of feet. Decoction of the leaves is used as astringent gargle in relaxed sore throat. Leaf juice is mixed iwht water and sugar and used as remedy for spermatorrhoea. Bark is used in jaundice, enlargement of the spllen and in calculous affection and as alterative in skin diseases and leprosy. Oil and essence are rubbed over the body to keep the body cool . Flowers are reifrigerant and saporific. Paste of leaves is used as coloring material/natural dye.

Chemical constituents :



Leaves contain the coloring matter lawsone and henno tannic acid