Botanical Name: Nelumbium speciosum willd.
Sanskrit Name: Kamal
English Name: Lotus
Family: Nymphaeaceae
Occurrence: Common in lakes
Habit: Aquatic herb
Parts used:

Rhizome, leaves, flowers.

Medicinal uses:

Flowers have cooling properties and they are used as astingent in diarrhoea, cholera, in fever and diseases of liver. Flowers are also recommended as a cardiac tonic. Seeds are well suited for children as diuretic and refrigerant. Cooling medicine is prepared from the seeds for skin diseases and leprosy, they are also considered as antidote to poisons. Filaments are considered astringent and cooling. They are useful in burning sensatio9n of the body, bleeding piles and menorrhagia.. Powder of the roots is prescribed for piles as demulcent also for dysentery and dyspepsia. It is used as a paste in skin affections and ringworm.

Chemical constituents :




Alkaloid Nelumbine is found in leaf, pedicles and embryo.