Botanical Name: Eclipta alba Hssk.
Sanskrit Name: Bhringaraja
English Name:  
Family: Compositeae
Occurrence: Wasteland and common in moist places
Habit: Herb
Parts used:

Entire plant.

Medicinal uses:
Plant is uses as tonic, deopstruent in hepatic and spleen enlargements and as emetic. Leeaves are used to cure scropion sting. Plant juice is utilized in combination with aromatics administered for catarrhal jaundice. Roots are emetic, purgative and are applied externally antiseptic to ulcers and wounds in cattle. Leaf juice is used as natural dye for hairs due to its black color. Plants is also used to cure rheumatism and cough.

Chemical constituents :




Plants contains alkaloids, Ecliptine and Nicotine (0.078%).