Botanical Name: Thevetia neriifolia Juss.
Sanskrit Name: Ashvaha
English Name:
Family: Apocynaceae
Occurrence: Garden plant cultivated.
Habit: Herb
Parts used:

Bark, seeds.

Medicinal uses:
Latex of the tree is highly poisonous. Kernel are also acro-narcotic poison. Bark of the plant is bitter, cathertic, febrifuge and useful in different kinds of intermittent fevers. Seeds are aos reported to be poisonous.

Chemical constituents :




The plant contains glucosides - Thevetin and Thevetoxin. Thevetin is pharmacologically the most active constituent especially on heart. Nuts yield heteroside Neriifolin. Kernel gives 62 % fatty oil, which contains four crystalline substances - phytosterolin, Ahouain, Kokilphin and Thevetin.