Botanical Name:

Calotropis procera(Ait.) R. Br./
Calotropis gigantea Linn.

Sanskrit Name: Arka
English Name: Gigantic swallow wort.
Occurrence: Wasteland
Habit: Shrubs
Parts used:

Plant, bark, root and milky juice.

Medicinal uses:

Roots bark is used in dysentery, substitute for Ipecacuanha as diaphoretic, expectorant, emetic in form of a paste applied to elephantiasis. Tincture of leaves is used in intermittent fevers. Latex is irritant in combination with Euphorbia neriifolia used as purgative. Powered flowers are used in colds, cough, asthma and indigestion. Plant is also used to cure syphilitic affection. Visceral enlargement, leprosy enlarged liver and skin diseases.

Chemical constituents :


Leaves and stalks contain Calotropin and calotropagenin, latex contain uscharin 0.45%, Calotoxin 0.15% and calactin 0.15%, lethal dose of first two are 0.5 microgram and 0.7 microgram per gram of frog respectively. Latex also contains a -Calotropeol, b-Calotropeol and Calcium Oxalate. It also contains a cardiac poison, gigantin Latex also contins parces traces of Glutathione and a Proteoclastic enzyme similar to Papain.