Botanical Name: Datura alba Nees Datura metel Linn.
Sanskrit Name: Dhatur
English Name: Thorn apple
Family: Solananceae
Occurrence: Waste land
Habit: Shrubs, small trees
Parts used:

Seeds, leaves and roots.

Medicinal uses:

Seeds, leaves and roots are used in insanity, fever with catarrhal and cerebral complications, diarrhea, skin diseases and as antispasmodic. Dried leaves are used in medicine for the same purpose as the leaves of belladonna and stramonium. The plants is also used to cure tumors, rheumatism and sciatica. Seeds and fruits are poisonous.

Chemical constituents :


Leaves contain 0.43% total alkaloid mainly atropine and small amount of Hyoscyamine, seeds contain 0.43% Hyoscyamine, roots - 0.36% Hyocyamine. Seeds contain 12% fixed oil and Allantoin