Botanical Name: Tinospora cordifolia (Willd) Miers.
Sanskrit Name: Guduchi, Amrita
English Name: --
Family: Menispermaceaev
Occurrence: Forests, fields and hedges
Habit: Climber
Parts used:

Stem, leaves and starch

Medicinal uses:
It is described as the nectar creeper of Indian Materia Medica. It is known as wonder drug. It has immense medicinal value and it is good health tonic. It acts as a nectar in the body and removes the poison/harm causing components from the body. Stem is bitter, stomachic , antiperiodic, antipyretic and stimulates bile secretion. It is powderd and made into an infusion which is used as alterative and aphrodisiac. Starch from the roots and stems is nutrient and used in chronic diarrhoea and chronic dysentery. Juice of the fresh plant is diuretic and useful in gonorrhoea, diabetes and fevers. It is also called "Indian Quinine" as it is used as febrifuge.

Chemical constituents :




Berberine is the bitter substance found in stem and roots. Fresh stems give crude Giloin and Giloinin.