Botanical Name: Moringa oleifera Lam.
Sanskrit Name: Shobhanjana, shigru
English Name: Drumstick tree, Horse radish tree
Family: Moringaceae
Occurrence: Home garden, forests
Habit: Tree
Parts used:

Fruits, Leaves, flowers, bark, root.

Medicinal uses:

Fruits and leaves are rich in Vit. A. Leaves are recommended for anemia. In Ayurveda,the medicinal properties of different parts are descried as aphrodisiac, beneficial for eyes and heart. It is used to cure sweelings, worms, boils, excessive fat, poisonous affections, enlargment of spleen, abdominal distension. Flowers are also found to be helpful in menstrual pains. The root extract is used to treat eczema. The extract of the bark is found to heal inflamed skin. Oil from the seed is used as external application in rheumatism. Gum is used for dental caries.

Chemical constituents :


Alkaloids Moringine and Moringinine are isolated from root bark. Flowers contain amorphous base.