Botanical Name: Saraca indica Linn.
Sanskrit Name: Ashoka
English Name:  
Family: Caesalpineae
Occurrence: Forest, Gardens.
Habit: Tree
Parts used:

Bark, Seeds, flowers

Medicinal uses:

Considering its curative properties,Ashoka is a medicinal marvel. It offers an excellent and effective cure for several gynecological and uterine disorders. In uterine haemorrhage, the decoction of the stem bark or cold decoction with milk can be taken. In dysuria and urinary calculi 5 to 10 grams of seeds boiled in water can be taken twice daily. In leucorrhoea, a cold decoction with the bark can be made and taken with milk. In case of diarrhoea with blood, 5 to 10 grams of powder of flowers can be mixed with water and taken twice daily.

Chemical constituents :


Bark contains tannin and Catechol.