Botanical Name: Cassia fistula Linn.
Sanskrit Name: Aaragvadha
English Name: Pudding pipe tree
Family: Ceasalpiniaceae
Occurrence: Common in forests
Habit: Tree
Parts used:

Fruits, flowers, root and fruit pulp.

Medicinal uses:

Fruit pulp is used as mild laxative. Juice of leavesm is used in skin diseases. Roots are used as astingent, tonic, febrifuge and purgative. Seeds are used as emetic.Fruit is cathartic and applied in rheumatism and snake bite. Plant is uwed as a remedy of dengue fever, gastic complai9nt, constipation and piles.

Chemical constituents :


Leaves contain Anthraquinone derivatives and very little Tannin. Pulp contains Rhein, the major Anthraquinone derivatives and small amount of volatile oil, three waty substances and a resinous substance. Root bark contains phlobaphenes and oxy-anthraquinone.