Botanical Name: Vitex negundo Linn.
Sanskrit Name: Nirgundi
English Name: Five leaved chaste tree - Indian privet.
Family: Verbenaceae
Occurrence: Common river banks.
Habit: Shrub
Parts used:

Leaf, bark root.

Medicinal uses:




The leaves are considered to be aromatic, tonic and vermifuge , dried leaves are smoked for relief of headache and catarrhal and they are also useful in dispersing swellings of joints from acute rheumatism. With long pepper, the decoction of othe leaves is given in catarrhal fever with heaviness of head and dullness of hearing. Leaves are used as a bath in the puerperal state of women. Juice of the leaves is used for removing foetid discharges and worms from ulcers. Oil extracted from the leaves is applied to sinuses and scrofulous sores. Roots are used as expectorant febrifuge and tonic.

Chemical constituents :


Fresh leaves give 0.05% essential oil and air dried leaves give an alkaloid..Seeds contain tannin and Malic acid.